Skou Arabians was founded in 1996 with the buy of Sisiwa (Wandro x Sisi).
We did not have any experience with breeding at that time, but Anita had been riding and taking care of horses from she was 12 years old. Today we have 3 broodmares and some offspring, and beside the breeding Anita is showtraining horses.

Our goal is to breed beautiful arabians with type, good legs and wonderful movements,
whichs are good as showhorses and riding horses as well. Futhermore it's important to us,
that the horses have a nice temper, so they can be a joy for the whole family.

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Skou Arabians
v/ Anita Skou Henriksen & Søren Henriksen
Hjortlundvej 119,
6160 Ribe

Tlf. +49 75 43 59 11 eller +45 48 24 51 80

Horse training tips – What is show training

The Arabian horse is probably the most recognizable equine breed in the world. The traits that make this kind so distinguishable are its body structure and its obedient, yet sensible behavior. These features have made it one of the most popular animals used for transportation, entertainment and sport events worldwide. If you want to see one up close, your best option is to go to an equestrian show. Here, you and your escorts can witness these remarkably intelligent specimens that are the result of many years of training and practice. Here are a few tips that will take your horse reach the same level.

Training requires a lot of patience

Most Arabian horse owners have the false misconception that training stallions is quick and easy. The truth is that breeding a horse from foal to stud takes a lot of time and patience. Very often, the investment does not pay off, so the perseverance level has to be at the highest level at all times. Nevertheless, obtaining a highly-skilled horse after years of training will surely impress everyone around you, including your Dubai escort.


If you do not have the time or the patience to train the horse yourself, it is better to hire a trainer to do it for you. To increase the chances of a successful training, look for an experienced specialist. A good coach makes the stallion feel comfortable and safe around other people. This means that you and your escorts will be able to attend the training classes without risking a bad response from the stud.

Bond with your horse

The most important thing you have to keep in mind when training a stallion is its character. This is an animal, not a machine that blindly follows your instructions. In order to discover its temperament you have to spend time and do simple things together. This is similar to the way you start a relationship with a Dubai escort. At first you try to find out more about each other and only after the confidence level increases you can take the friendship to a new level.

The Arabian horse guides its actions on the “fight or flight” instinct. This is a natural response to danger that is present in all animals. Stallions can keep this reaction under control as long as they have a leader or a master that they look up to. Similar to how your escorts are dependent on your attention, these creatures need to feel protected and safe in your presence.

Getting ready for the show

The first equestrian show is a big event in the life of an Arabian horse. Many years of patient training have led to this moment and it is imperial that you are there to show your support. Your presence counts more than ever. Therefore, take your Dubai escort and visit the stables both before and after the event to make the horse feel appreciated.

Participating in a show is just as important for the trainer as it is for the horse. Take your ladies from the Escort Directory with you and cheer them from the stands. This way you show that you appreciate his hard work and dedication. Even if your investment does not pay off from the first show, your involvement motivates him to practice more for the next one.